Dr. Sheidu Sule of the Dept. of Education Administration, University of Lagos, has advised graduates of Krisbethel College, Ipaja, Lagos, to be dedicated and consistent if they intend to achieve their dreams no matter how big or small. He made this known at the 13th Valedictory Service and Prize-Giving Day of the school, where he delivered…Continue reading

Finding your Purpose in life!

Over the years I have found that the most valuable and important lesson I have learned is the importance of finding your purpose in life, or more importantly those things that will drive you forward through your darkest moments of life. When you hold on to your purpose then those dark moments will merely be speed bumps along your journey.

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Depression Test - It's ok to seek help!

Ever wondered if your mood swings and lack of energy is a result of Depression? Take this small 18 question Depression Test and see if you may be one of the many people suffering from Depression! Rate the following questions on a scale of 0 to 5 (0 means it doesn’t apply to you at all and 5 means it totally fits you) then add up your answers!

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The first question Cari Setzler asks at a 5K orientation meeting is, “How many of you think you don’t belong here?” “Without a doubt, 80 percent of people raise their hands,” said Setzler, 35, coaching certification instructor with the Road Runners Club of America (rrca.org). “And I have them look around and say, ‘You’re in great…Continue reading

Jeena Cho This morning, I received a Facebook message from a friend. It read, “My book has shipped — I can’t wait to read it!” Apparently, Amazon decided to start shipping my book, The Anxious Lawyer (affiliate link), before the release date and didn’t let me know! If I’m being honest about it, I’m both extremely…Continue reading

Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you.Anyone can dream, but not everyone has enough courage to step out on faith and turn their dreams into a reality. Don’t just settle for being a dreamer, be a person of action as well. Be willing to not only dream,…Continue reading

Is fear keeping you from achieving the things in life that you would like to accomplish? Is the thought of failure so crippling that you would rather not even attempt your dreams? Are the voices in your head telling you your a failure so loud that you can’t drown them out? In the following post I will list 10 steps to overcoming fear and then in future posts we will dive deeper into each step.

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I thought I’d get my blog started off with a post talking about who I am and what my goals for this blog are going to be. First off I am a 32 year old guy struggling with Depression and Anxiety. In future posts I’ll dive deeper into my past but needless to say I have gone through many situations to get me to where I am today.


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