Common Depression Questions: Causes of Depression?

There are some Common Depression Questions that we are asked all the time. In the following Blog posts I will be going over these questions and answering them from my own personal perspective. The answers to these question will vary from person to person but these are the answers for me.

Common Depression Questions: What are the causes of your Depression?

For me there is really no single event in my life that I can point to as the cause. I was born with an at the time unknown blood condition which causes my blood not to clot. Since it was unknown it went undiagnosed. When I was a year old I had a Head injury where I was bleeding in my brain resulting in complete loss of natural speak. I ended up in speech my entire childhood learning to talk again and as a result of my Speech problem I was made fun of.  

I was also unable to play any sports which isolated me from the rest of the kids my age and I was made fun of even more. This isolation left me alone with my thoughts even more and by the time I entered middle school I would spend the afternoons on my own contemplating Suicide.

Being a Teen with Suicidal Thoughts

When I got to be a teenager I was so overwhelmed with Suicidal thoughts that by the time I entered 8th Grade I actually attempted Suicide. I was lucky enough to be with a small group of friends at the time and one of my friends stopped me. I felt alone, isolated, and totally over whelmed with life by this point I was just ready to end it all. 

Sexual Assault

In 9th grade I started to establish a small group of friends who I hung out with both in and out of school. By the end of the year however one of those friends blackmailed me into experimenting with him and would go on to physically rape me. The Sexual Assault compounded my depression, I started thinking about Suicide again, and felt completely alone. I felt like I had no one to turn to and as a result I tried to handle it on my own. I ended up getting my self in trouble with the law and I soon found my self inside a Mental Hospital for Suicidal thoughts. 

The light at the end of the tunnel

While I was in the Mental Hospital I learned many great lessons. The one that stands out however is that no matter how bad I think I may have it there are always others who have it worse off. I started feeling compassion toward them and was able to start finding ways I could reach out and help brighten some else’s day. That in turn helped to lift my own spirits. After I got out of the mental Hospital those lessons on their own wasn’t enough though. 

I found I needed something else that I could refocus on whenever I hit a dark spot in my journey. Around that time My family started growing. My Cousins started having kids of their own and those kids as they grew started looking up to me. I started thinking to my self what would happen to them if I were to take my life. How would they handle it and what would it teach them. I also had other children and even adults around me who started looking up to me. I decided for their sake I needed to find the strength to carry on, Suicide wasn’t an option. I’ve found that thinking about others and how your suicide would effect them is a powerful tool when combating Suicidal thoughts. If you can’t find the strength for your self to carry on then find the strength for those you love and care about. 


I honestly don’t think there is ever just a single event that leads to someone’s depression. But instead it’s a whole chain of events through out a person’s life. One event leads to another, which leads to another, and before you know it you are caught up in the downward spiral of Depression, Suicide, and other mental health issues. It’s my hope though that through my journey, through the lessons I have learned along the way, you can find some peace, comfort, and more then anything Hope to carry on. 

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